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Regatta Signal Floatation Gilet

Regatta has been working with buoyancy products since 1950, and is one of the leading producers of lifejackets and buoyancy aids in Europe.

The know-how has been strengthened continously through new developments and inventions according to updated requirements. A working suit with built-in buoyancy - the "Regatta Combisuit" - was made by this company already in the mid 1970's. A buoyant sweater was developed and launched by Regatta in 1991. "Regatta Thermo Cruise", the first thermal lifejacket in the world, was approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate in 1996, and Thermo Cruise baby got its approval in 2002.

The head office of Regatta is situated in Ålesund, the Art Nouveau town by the sea and the capital of fisheries in Norway. Long traditions and working close to the sea have contributed to high standards of competence. This has been specially important within fisheries and shipping companies of Ålesund. Regatta's location has therefore been outstanding regarding the development of quality flotation products.

Product development has been and will always be a continuous process with high priority at Regatta. Safety, comfort and freedom of movement under all conditions are our measures of quality. Regatta has a close cooperation with test and approval organisations all over the world.