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Alphalan Lanolin Spray

Highly concentrated lanolin spray for use on Boats, Cars, Machinery, Heavy Plant, Motorcycles, HGV’s, Offshore and anywhere corrosion prevention is essential.

Specifically developed to provide thick film long lasting lanolin protection on metal which is corroded and/or prevent corrosion from forming in the harshest operating conditions. Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps. Leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion. Lubricates – increases efficiency of working parts. AL01 ALPHALAN may be safely be used on all surfaces to provide a fully water resistant coating, recommended for Off shore oil and marine applications. Contains more Lanolin solids than other liquids available currently, making ALPHALAN much longer lasting and more cost effective.

Typical uses

Preventing corrosion on any clean metal surface. Protects against further corrosion spread on already rusted parts. Protecting vehicle under-bodies, boat trailers, heavy Plant, metal fixings etc. Pre-treat new and restored vehicles and machine parts. Sealing electrical connections from water ingress. Protect inside metal box
sections on chassis, inside door cavities and hard to reach areas.

Methods of Application

Spray directly onto area requiring protection no need to mask areas. For more difficult to reach areas box sections etc use extension tube and for a more directional spray to protect key areas use the short straw.
N.B. Do not spray on short circuits where sparking is likely.
Due to the uniquely high level of Lanolin in ALPHALAN there is no need to brush on/pre-treat with a grease-like paste to protect key areas, ALPHALAN provides full protection quickly and easily.


  • Very High content of Natural Lanolin
  • Faster Drying
  • Easy to use aerosol allows an even film to be applied to any surface
  • Extremely economical, fast and effective film protection
  • Provides long-term protection extending re-application intervals
  • Penetrates scale and rust stopping corrosion spreading
  • Superb water & chemical resistance providing lasting protection against corrosion


Starter Kit Includes: 

  • 2 x 500ml Cans Alphalan
  • 1 x 600mm ext hose
  • 1 x CanGun1 Trigger
  • 1 x 115mm Stral