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Flag Paints Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating (Anti Slip)
Flag Paints Roofix 20/10
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Flag Paints Logo FLAG Paints Ltd were established in 1939 and are proud to offer first class quality. Manufactures of a wide range of high quality specialist paints and wood finishes at highly competitive prices. Problem solving paints such as anti-slip, anti-climb, anti-mould, roofing repair compounds, marine and antifouling paints, long term protective coatings, water based solutions, rust converters, pool paints, chemical resistant coatings, barriers and sealers, solvent pre-treatments and cleaners, specialist wax, oil and shellac based products.

At Bosun Bob's Chandlery, we only stock a few products from Flag, but if you require any of their other products, please contact us for further details.